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How Do You Get The Confidence To Have a Boudoir Portrait Session?

If you've ever thought "all of those women who go along for boudoir portraits have so much more confidence than me", and wondered how to get that confidence, the answer is very simple - you don't!

The Big Boudoir Myth

The idea that you have to be feeling confident to come and have a boudoir portrait session is a complete myth.

Most of our clients are feeling at best, under confident and, more likely, absolutely terrified!

They haven't achieved a level of body confidence that the rest of us just have to wish we had. Instead, they've taken a leap of faith.

It's Our Job to Make You Feel Confident

So it stands to reason that we don't expect you to turn up and shout "Hey, I'm here! Shall I take my clothes off now!"

Every part of our process is designed around understanding that you don't feel confident. We understand your fears - how could we not when every client has them?

The Most Common Worries

Here are some of the concerns we hear from our clients:

  • Will they find me too much of a challenge?
  • Can I even go through with this?
  • What if all of my lumps and bumps show?
  • Am I going to look ridiculous, trying to look sexy?
  • What if I don't like my photos?

Your Fears Are Normal

When you're stepping outside of your comfort zone, your brain will tell you anything to keep you in it.  You have to push back sometimes, or you'll be held back from doing things you want to try.

So What Can You Do?

If your brain is see-sawing between wanting a boudoir portrait session, but not having the confidence to come and do one, here are a few things you can do, to tip the balance.

  • Chat with me on the phone. You'll soon realise I know exactly where your're coming from (not least because I've been there myself!)
  • Come and visit the studio. You can pop in for a coffee and a look around, meet the team and maybe even snuggle one of the dogs. Having a clear mental picture of where you're coming to gives you one less thing to worry about.
  • Read some reviews. ALL of these women had the same fears as you - and overcame them. If they can, then so can you!
  • Join our Fall in Love With You Facebook group - dedicated to helping women to boost their body confidence.
  • Speak to someone who's already done it - just ask and I'll put you in touch.

Think You Might Be Ready To Find Out More?

Fill in the form below, and I'll be in touch.

Much love,


How to pose in photos

Posing in photos is always the worst, especially if you don't know how to pose at all. I made a video to show you one basic standing pose that can make all the difference and help you feel a bit more prepared and a bit less terrified when it comes to photos.


Looking behind the scenes

It can be pretty daunting coming for a boudoir portrait session, and one of the many reasons for this is just not knowing what to expect.

Not many people who come to us have had portraits taken before - and even if they have, they were clothed at the time.

If you've never been to a photography studio before, you don't have a mental picture of where you're going...and if you don't have  a mental picture of where you're going, your brain can conjure up something scary instead.

Because we know this is the case, we'll invite you along to the studio for a chat before your session. Not only is this a chance for us to plan your session together, but you'll also get a good look around and get to know us a little.

But what if you want to get a feel for us before you come?

Enter Instagram!
If you'd like a glimpse behind the scenes at what happens when you come along to us, this is the place to find it. You'll get to see the studio and get a feel for the 'flow' of your day with us (and, sometimes, you may see us too, although often it may just be our shoes...).

Over the last couple of months, we've been showing clients from arrival to leaving, and then some of their final images too, to give you an insight into what goes on here.

If you've wondered just what it's all about, this is the best place to find out, throughout the day.

Below : Lavinia's images being taken, and the final portraits she viewed today.

boudoir photos being taken

You'll also get to see our stylists and the fab work they do, as they're doing it.

stylist at work
stylist at work

So, in short, if you want the best feel for coming here before you actually take the plunge, take a look at us on Instagram.

Much love,

Always hide from the camera?


Do you just know that you could never have a boudoir portrait session because you wouldn't look great in the photos?
You're not alone!

body confidence boost

A boudoir portrait session is a liberating experience that leaves you feeling amazing.
It's also an experience that lots of women think they just can't have, because, well, because of lots of individual reasons, that can mostly be summed up as:

I don't have the perfect body and I never look good in photos

If that's how you feel, well, that's completely normal.

But, I'd love the opportunity to change your perception because:
1. There's no such thing as being unphotogenic
2. Everyone can look great in photos - and there's no reason why you can't

There's nothing about you, how you look or how your body looks that means you can't have beautiful portraits. BUT...I do know how you feel. I put my own boudoir session off for 18 months because I felt the same...
but what about my cellulite?

my fat thighs?

the way my chest is heading south?

my stomach that can 'overhang' my knickers if I go for a skimpy style?
(I know, I sound like a real catch).
Much as I had seen other women come along and have a fabulous time, and beautiful portraits, I didn't believe I could do the same, because:

I don't have the perfect body and I never look good in photos

But, I did it. And of course I needn't have worried. Of course there's no reason I, ordinary though I am, couldn't look and feel extraordinary for once (and yes the makeover and the champagne helped a LOT!).

So, please don't think that we don't understand how insecure women feel about their bodies - we absolutely know and respect that everyone has their own hang ups, and this is one of the big reasons you always come along to see me for a chat before your session.

Here you'll see photos of women just like you - and be reassured that actually, you can and will have a fab time, and look and feel amazing.

It's OK - I know you don't believe me

And here's the thing - you'd like to, but there's a little voice saying "not you".  Literally telling you it's ok for everyone else but "not you".
I've heard it! I heard it for 18 months when I was putting off my own shoot!

So we come to the conundrum.

- I think you'll have a great time, and the confidence you'll get from doing this will be amazing.

- You're sceptical.

- I want to ask you for £199 for your chat, makeover and photoshoot.

- What? Now you're really sceptical. £199 for something you won't even love anyway?

I know you're going to love your photos.
You don't know that yet.
So, I'll take the 'risk'.

Book your portrait session for just a £50 deposit (no £199 session fee) - fully refundable if you do not love your images.

To take advantage of this offer, fill in your details below or call me on 01993 883645.

I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

Much love,



Husband and wife boudoir photographers

Think you couldn't work with your partner? Imagine being in business with them for the best part of 20 years!

Now, although we're a husband and wife boudoir studio, we are not both photographers. I (the wife, Anna) leave that to the one with the talent (the husband, Robin). I think that it's because we both have distinct areas of the business to focus on that makes us such a successful team.

When you first get in touch with us it's probably me you will speak to, and when you come for your pre-session chat, that will be with me.

I'm the one who can relate to all of the insecurities you may have about your body, because I will have many of those insecurities too.
I can talk hair and make up with you, and help you start to think about what kind of look you would like to go for for your portrait session. 
Most importantly, I can help you to plan your lingerie so that you know exactly what to bring along to wear for your session.

I'll show you round, introduce you to everyone (including our labradoodle, Bailey), answer all of your questions and put your mind at rest that yes, you are going to have beautiful images (even if you don't quite believe me yet).

Robin will be the one who works with you to create those beautiful images (after your amazing make over from on of our team, first).

He will make sure you are posed in a way that works perfectly for you.
His creative lighting is sure to flatter, highlighting those parts of you that you love (and minimising those parts you don't).
He'll make sure that you find your boudoir portrait to be relaxing, fun and exactly the empowering experience you need it to be.

A journalist once asked me if I am comfortable with Robin 'looking at women without many clothes on' all day. It wasn't until after her portrait session with us that she 'got' that this is not what Robin does. He works with you - it's a very collaborative experience - to ensure you have images that you love. He is constantly looking at light and shape, to make sure he's creating the most flattering image of you.
He also has a great skill for making being photographed in your lingerie feel entirely natural, and no different to being photographed fully clothed.

Have a read of some of the reviews on our Facebook page to get a real feel for how our clients feel about working with us.

Much love,

husband and wife boudoir photographers