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Changing your body image

Your body image is within your control to change

And it's much easier to change how you feel about how you look than you might think.

It's time to change your body image when:

  • Other people, particularly your partner, tell you look good and you just dismiss what they say
  • You hate looking at yourself in the mirror (or avoid it completely)
  • You won't wear a swimsuit/bikini or take part in anything that means doing so
  • You always avoid being in photos, and think you're unphotogenic
  • You think your body looks worse than other people's

Introducing a tailored service, at our Witney studio, specifically designed with women who hate having their photo taken in mind.

We've specialised in confidence boosting portraits for women for over 5 years. If you'd like to find out how we could help you turn self doubt into self love, fill in the form below and I'll be in touch.

Much love,

Get a Body Image Boost

From now until the end of July, we're looking for women in need of a body image boost.

Don't like yourself in photos?
Need more body confidence?
We'd like to tempt you out of your comfort zone and change how you feel about yourself.

We have spaces available at our Witney studio throughout July 2018.

We'll work with you to discover which session is right to achieve YOUR body image goals, and sky-rocket your body confidence.

Your complimentary portrait session includes 20% off anything on our pricelist, if you CHOOSE to purchase images. ​

If you're ready to fall in love with you, just fill in the form and Anna will be in touch.

On booking, we'll ask for a fully refundable booking deposit (£50), refunded when you come back and see your photos

Confidence In How You Look Is Your Choice To Make

You don't need to wait for someone else to make you feel more confident - you can choose to be confident in how you look and who you are.

So today I'm talking a bit about how confidence in how you look isn't really based on how you look - and I know this because there are loads of beautiful people around who are striving to change themselves. They think that if they could work out more or eat less or find the perfect makeup or tweak something about themselves, then they could be better.

And then there are people like me, normal ordinary people who, we know that we're not beautiful. We're not waiting for Vogue to call, desperate to have us on the front cover, but were ok with that. We're not striving to change everything about ourselves. So at some point, confidence isn't something that somebody else can give to you, it is something that you can make a decision to have.

So, you can literally just decide "right, that's it, from now on I am going to accept that this is how I look, this is who I am, this is me and I'm fine with that". And it's not that you think that you have no - flaws from school onwards I've had my physical defects pointed out to me - it's just that I've decided 'so what? who cares?' what does it matter?'.

I know that in this digital, social media age, where people look at and rate other people, that there are plenty of people who would feel perfectly happy to tell me that I have no right to feel confident in how I look.

They'd be more than happy to point out my flaws to me.

I don't care,

I can't be bothered,

I'm not going to play their game. 

I wasn't put here to impress them with how I look,

wasn't put here to impress anybody and neither were you.

Much love, 



The 7 Items For Boudoir In Under 60 Seconds

Today I'm going through the 7 must-have items for a boudoir portrait session...

in under 60 seconds

So today I wanted to talk about what to bring along to wear for a boudoir portrait session. I know it's something that people tie themselves up in knots about, so I'm gonna tell you everything you need to know, in less than 60 seconds.

1. A good bra and knicker set.

A nice colour that gives you good contrast against your skin, fits you well and gives good support when you're lying down.

2. Brazilian cut knickers.

Not a thong, not Bridgette Jones'. Brazilians.

3. If you hate your stomach, bring something that covers it up.

A basque, a babydoll, a corset. All of these will do the job.

4. Killer heels.

Not wedges, no ankle straps. Just stilettos.

5. Jewellery.

If you're into jewellery then bring some favourite pieces of jewellery along.

6. Accessories.

Anything like a leather jacket, a favourite scarf. Anything that's very you, bring it.

7. A man's shirt.

If you've got a partner, nick one of theirs. Otherwise borrow one from us and you're diamond.

I hope this helped.

Much love, 



Please Don’t Apologise For Your Body

Today I have a request,

please stop apologising about your body.

It doesn't matter if you have stretch marks, scars, you're 'plus size', or any other reason you can come up with as to why you shouldn't have a boudoir portrait session.

The only thing preventing you from having gorgeous photos of yourself, are those thoughts you have. 

None of those things matter to us or will change what we are trying to do for you in any way. You are you, and we wouldn't change that for anything.

You do not need to explain that you've had kids or that you've had this surgery, and that your body therefore isn't perfect.

Nobody's body is perfect, and imperfections do not need a reason, they don't need an excuse.

You don't need to excuse away your stretch marks or any scars or your sagging stomach. These are all natural things, they may not seem natural (especially after surgery), that might not be how you think your body should look, but it's all just a part of how our bodies are. They change over time. We don't necessarily like those changes but please don't think that we, as a company, are going to judge you for how your body is.

What we do here is no more based on your size or how you look than anything like going for along for a manicure. There's no mould that you need to fit into for it to be ok for you to come along and do this. Not from our point of view.

Our job is to create images of you that you will absolutely love, we're saying we'll do it, we're saying that's what we're gonna do so it's down to us to do it. You don't need to try and find reasons why we can't do it, there aren't any reasons. You can do it. You are good enough exactly as you are, right now. There's nothing about you that you need to change to make this work for you, so please don't feel like you've got to excuse anything about yourself. You absolutely haven't.

We believe that, we believe that you're gonna look amazing in your photos,

we just want you to believe it too.

Much love, 



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