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5 Ways you may be sabotaging your boudoir portrait session

OK, sabotaging your boudoir portrait session is not actually your plan, of course it isn’t. It doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t do it.

Why would you?

Not intentionally, I’ll grant you! But there are a few things you can do that ultimately mean session sabotage. This act of sabotage is not an active thing – it is in fact very, very passive – and it’s usually borne out of nerves.


I know firsthand that a boudoir portrait session can be a nerve wracking thing to do. Some people cope by planning everything out to the nth degree. Some of us though, well, we don’t want to even think about it. Here’s the thing – you are going to have to think about it a little. Putting some thought into your session will mean that the results are going to be as good as they possibly can be.

You may need to do some shopping, or arrange childcare, or fit in a visit to the hairdresser. These are not things to leave to the morning of the session itself before planning, so get organised, otherwise you could be sabotaging your boudoir portrait session with a lack of planning.


When it comes to your boudoir lingerie, you do need to make sure it fits, and that you have at least three outfits to bring (preferably five).

If you decide not to look at what you have until the night before, and then find out it doesn’t fit or you just hate all of it – you just sabotaged your  boudoir portrait session, without doing anything at all.
Being so nervous that you’re trying to put it out of your mind totally is not the way to go. I’m going to help calm your nerves anyway at your pre session chat. If you’re having a wobble in between then call me, email me or message me on Facebook.


Maybe you decide you’re just not going to look great whatever you wear, so why does it matter?
Well, you are going to look great. There is nothing different about you that means you can’t look as fabulous as the next person. But if this fear translates into turning up with one ill-fitting, non-matching bra and knicker set and nothing else, you just sabotaged your session.
Accept this fact – you are as deserving of beautiful lingerie that actually fits as much as anyone else is. Don’t deny yourself because you think you’re not.
Bring the right items. Have beautiful images.


Your portrait session is much more physical than you may be thinking – you will gain a new found respect for models. So don’t think “I won’t have anything to eat in case I bloat”. Your body needs fuel, let it have some.


Arriving for your session hung over is also not a great idea – yes, you’re having an amazing makeover, but if you’re feeling generally below par and sluggish, it’s not going to make for great images. I’m not suggesting a cup of cocoa and an early night, but a heavy night out on the lash is not going to have you feeling your freshest.

So, do a little planning, and if you’re having a panic, rather than sabotaging your boudoir portrait session, just get in touch. There’s nothing you need to be worrying about at all – as soon as you arrive at the studio, absolutely everything is down to us.

Much love,
If you’d love more info on what you need to do to plan the perfect boudoir portrait session, just get in touch, using the form below.

sabotaging your boudoir portrait session

Displaying boudoir portraits

So, you’re having this amazing, confidence boosting experience. You’re going to feel a million dollars and more –  time to think about displaying your boudoir portraits.

We’ll start to think about this together at your pre session chat – what you actually want from your session overall, and how you want to display your portraits.
You may already know exactly what you want.  You’ve got a space above your bed measured, and you want one major piece of wall art to fill it.

displaying your boudoir portraits

On the other hand, you might be thinking more about the experience, and you might also be thinking “I never like photos of myself anyway, so I’m not going to like these”.  We really look forward to proving you wrong on that – in the meantime, I can only suggest that you open your mind to the possibility that you might just look entirely fabulous, love your portraits and really, really want them.

Just prepare yourself for the possibility. If you don’t, well, you’re going to get really stuck for what to do when you see yourself, looking beautiful, and haven’t thought about what you want.

Start to think about how you would like to use your images. If they’re a gift for someone else would you like to give them in an album? As a digital slideshow? As prints? Would you prefer to have your images digitally, as high res files to do whatever you want with?

I’m quite a tactile person, so I like to have physical things (prints, wall art) – you may be much more digitally minded, making an mp4 video of your images perfect for you.

If you start to get a feel for how you might use your images, then you’re half way to knowing exactly how you want to go about displaying your boudoir portraits, and being able to budget accordingly.

I know your big question is “How much is my boudoir portrait session going to cost me?” and it’s not something I can answer for you easily, until you’ve thought about what you may actually want from your session.

I can tell you about our ‘Fall in Love With You’ guarantee though – you worry you’re not going to look fabulous in your portraits. We know you are. You don’t want to spend out and end up not having portraits you adore. We totally get that.
Accordingly, our portrait sessions can be booked with a £49 deposit. If you do not love your portraits (not just like, like is ‘adequate’ and we’re doing ‘amazing’) then your £49 deposit will be refunded to you in full.  We know you’re going to love them though! So the deposit you have paid will be deducted from your total order.

How much will it cost? Anything from £129 to £1249, depending on what you would like.

Starting to feel ready to fall in love with you? Fill out the form below and I’ll give you a call to chat it all through with you. (That’s all it is right now, a chat).

Much love,

What’s your boudoir look? (Part 2 – hair)

I’ve talked already about your boudoir look for make up already (here), so now it’s time to think about your hair.

If you have long hair, then fairly obviously you’re going to have a few more style options available than if you have very short hair, but our stylists will work wonders for your short hair too.

boudoir look hair 1
If your hair is mid length or longer then do spend a little time thinking (you can even grab a couple of hair magazines – these have great ideas for both hair and make up in, so you could kill two birds with one stone).

If you’re going for a fairly natural boudoir look for make up, then you may want to keep things simple with your hair too – nothing too perfectly coiffed.

boudoir look hair 2

With longer hair you can go for anything from defined curls to soft waves – it’s a chance to try something you never have time to do yourself.

boudoir look hair 3
Or you could of course just go for keeping it straight (or having it straightened, if you have natural curls and want a change).

boudoir look hair 4
There are lots of chances to show off the length of hair, so keeping it down can have its advantages.

boudoir look hair 5
Or you can combine a ‘part up/part down’ style.

boudoir look hair 6

We love a vintage boudoir look – if you’re trying to capture a particular era, just let us know, and your stylist will work with you to create vintage perfection.

boudoir look hair 7
With dyed hair, you can go for a style that works with the colour to emphasise it beautifully.

boudoir look hair 9
We’ll discuss how you would like your hair and make up to be done for you at your pre session chat – but you can change your mind as many times as you like between your chat and the session itself. You can wait to chat to your stylist on the day, or bring in a picture from a magazine, or just on your phone, to show your stylist what you’d like.

If you’re starting to think about boudoir portraits or have questions, get in touch using the form below and we can book a chat at the studio, or just on the phone.

Much love

1 When is not the right time for boudoir portraits?

You’d love boudoir portraits…you think…but is it the right time?
It is of course my job to say “yes, yes, it’s definitely the right time for you now, let’s book you in”. The truth is, sometimes, it’s better to wait.

So, when is it likely to not be the right time?

1. You’re about to embark on a new weightloss/fitness regime

If you’re not happy with how you are, and are right about to start on major changes, you may want to consider leaving your portraits until you’ve achieved your goals.
If you don’t, chances are when you look at your portraits you’ll be thinking “would I like these more if…”.
Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to look amazing in your portraits. But if, realistically, you’re going to want to come back at the end of your weight loss or fitness programme, then it may be worth waiting until then.
Consider it a fabulous reward for yourself for your achievement!

(And if you fall off the wagon, and abandon the regime, well, we’ll still be here for you!).

2. You don’t want to invest in lingerie

You may have a vast array of lingerie already of course, in which case, what are you waiting for?
If, on the other hand, you’re lingerie drawer boasts once white but now somewhat greying bras plus an array of mismatched knickers and little else, then chances are you may need to do some shopping.

There are many reasons you may not want to shop – some may relate to point 1 above, or budget, or, sometimes, when we’re not happy with ourselves, we feel we don’t ‘deserve’ to be treated .

If it’s either of the first 2, then it’s a good idea to wait.
If it’s the latter though, consider this. You are deserving of well fitting lingerie. You are not going to get a special reward at the pearly gates for punishing yourself by withholding things you may like and enjoy, because you feel you aren’t worth it. You are worth it.

You need at least 3 different outfits for your portrait session (plus killer heels and potentially stockings or hold ups too), and at least one of these needs to be a well fitting bra and knicker set. I’m not suggesting you spend a fortune, but you may need to spend something. If that’s a total no go for you, then it may be better to wait. (Unless you’re planning nude boudoir portraits of course!).

3. You’ve had a hair disaster

Or an eyebrow disaster. Or a Botox disaster. Or…well, you get the idea. These are all temporary things – your boudoir portraits are going to be a permanent record of them. Our stylists are fab but if your hair is 6 inches shorter than you like, then they’re going to be able to create a great look – but it could still feel wrong for you.

You may be thinking “I don’t like photos of myself anyway, so it’s hardly going to matter”. In this way, you’re sabotaging your session. Don’t ensure you don’t like them due to something being off, when in a couple of month’s time, everything could have been perfect for you.

4. You’re planning some plastic surgery

Similarly to point 1, if you’re planning a major change, you’ll look at your final images and think “I wonder how these will look when x is done”.  So wait until it is!

I will add a caveat here – if you know you are having a mastectomy this is a very different situation. It is not uncommon for women to want portraits taken in advance. And whether you choose to have reconstructive surgery or not, we will be happy to work through with you whether you also want portraits afterwards.

So, is now the right time for you? If you need help figuring that out, just get in touch. Fill out the form below and I’ll call you for a chat.

Much love,

1 Boudoir – what’s available?

You want a different kind of boudoir portrait – how do you know what’s available?

Part of my job is to make sure that I’ve anticipated questions before you ever need to ask them. If you look at the images on our Facebook page and website, it’s obvious that we’re marketing to a particular client. What if you don’t see what you’re looking for? Not everyone is comfortable having to call up and enquire about what they want – sometimes it’s just nice to know it’s on offer.

What’s available?


It’s fair to say you won’t see many nudes on the Facebook page – we have to be mindful of the rules of Facebook.
We also have to be mindful of our clients, and mostly, they’re not feeling hugely comfortable with being in lingerie. If we then show lots of images of wearing nothing at all, well, we’re not trying to make anyone run a mile here. Not to mention the fact that usually, our clients will opt out of their nude images being available to us for marketing.

This does make it tricky though, because you may be someone who would love a nude portrait session, and it leaves you having to suggest it yourself, rather than already knowing it’s an option – it most definitely is.

Let me be clear – when I say ‘nudes’ I am talking about beautiful, artistic images of the naked form. If you were looking for porn, move along please, we’re not the studio you’re looking for.


You’re welcome to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife along to your boudoir portrait session and have images with them. We’ll plan out the images you would like at your pre-session chat, so they need to come along to that with you too. As with nudes – anything that strays into pornographic territory is not our ‘thing’.

boudoir couple
boudoir couple 2

Our marketing may all be aimed at women but men, don’t worry – you are definitely welcome too!
And yes, that includes men that wish to be photographed in women’s lingerie – we don’t share many of these images, they’re often very private for the individual, but
1. they happen
2. please don’t think that we’re going to bat an eyelid, because we’re not. We’ll plan your session together as with any other, including whether you wish to bring along a wig, whether you want/need to wear breast forms, and everything else you need to think about.
We also know at least one fab shop where we know you’ll find great lingerie for your boudoir session.

boudoir men 1

boudoir men 2

If you just want to get dressed up in your favourite outfit and have some fabulous images created, then yes, we can do that for you! You don’t have to take your clothes off by any means. You’ll still get your pre-session chat to plan your portrait session out, and your amazing makeover by one of our talented stylists.

boudoir clothes

Hopefully I have given you an overview of what else is available at the studio. If your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch using the form below – if it’s something I have really missed, I can add it and update the post, as well as replying to you personally.

Much love

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