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“I can’t be sexy, can I…?”

I need to let you know - 'sexy' is not a dirty word! It's completely ok to think you would love to look or feel sexy. And it's also very common to think you can't be sexy.

I should know - when I was faffing around and putting off my own boudoir portrait session (for eighteen months!) a huge part of that was my niggling doubt that I can't be sexy. I mean, I possibly was, once, in about 1997. Can't be sure.

One of the questions I'll ask you at your pre-session chat is about the type of portraits you'd like. Do you want to be cute and romantic? Fun and flirty? Dare I mention the 's' word?

Sexy, by the way, is not a by-word for slutty. I'd say it's pretty rare for someone to come along saying "so, I was thinking slutty, can you do that?" You can be fabulously glamorous and alluring and sexy too. (I can hear that unspoken "not me" - yes, you).

You don't have to be sexy for someone else

OK, your photos are just for yourself, to make you feel good. What's the point, you may think, of looking sexy?

Well, there's something very freeing about getting in touch with yourself as a sexual being. For no one else's benefit but your own. You don't need a partner to want to feel sexy - just do what you like and want, because it's all about you.

I can't be sexy...can I?

There are no rules on what's sexy

You know, for some it's the curve of an ankle. For others it's a whip. It could be naked. It could be completely covered, with the casual, natural look of a strap absently falling from a shoulder.

I can't tell you what sexy means to you, I can just tell you that you're just as sexy as the next person, if you want to be.

There's no reason you can't be sexy

Just as there's no reason you can't look great in your photos, there's no reason you can't be sexy - it's a choice for you to make, not something defined by how you think you'll look!

And don't worry if you have no idea what sexy means to you in the first place.  As we look through images you'll get a feel for what you're drawn towards, and what aspect of yourself you'd most like to portray.

Much love,

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