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Boudoir poses you’re guaranteed to look fab in

When most women think about boudoir poses, and what will work for them, they'll automatically rule a lot of poses out.  Because there's one main thought in their heads - "This won't work for me".

Part of my job at your pre-session chat at our studio in Witney is to figure out what poses you don't like, versus the ones you think won't work. Because most of the time, the ones you look at and think "yeah, right, there's no way I will look good doing that" are going to be the ones where you are going wow yourself the most.

The boudoir poses that will work for you

Here are some of the poses that are going to work well for you, whoever you are.

1. On the wooden floor, from above.

This has a couple of variations, and you're going to look amazing, whichever you prefer (my recommendation, go for both).

There's no body shape this won't work for, and your legs are going to be looking amazing.

boudoir poses 1
boudoir poses

2. Lying on your front, on a bed.

Classic and casual, this is an easy boudoir pose to adapt to however it's going to work the best for you.

boudoir poses

3. Lying on your back, head over edge of bed

This boudoir pose will work especially well if you have long hair, but it's by no means essential.
Definitely try your bra on and make sure it's going to hold you nicely in place for this one.

boudoir pose

4. G-string over heel

Don't panic! This will look so much more amazing than you're expecting (obviously, or I wouldn't have included it), and makes for the perfect anonymous image to have on your wall and keep people guessing...

With so many different ways to crop this, it's going to flatter you more than you ever thought possible.

All you need is a killer pair of heels and a very stretchy g-string. 

boudoir poses

5. Reflection

Such a beautiful image.
If you're looking for just one photo to grace your wall, then a reflections image should be the one, for sheer elegance and beauty.

boudoir poses

This is a very small selection of the boudoir poses that are all going to work really well for you. 

The only thing you need to get right is your lingerie (and I can help to point you in the direction of where to look for that too).

The common things women worry about - cellulite, stretch marks, mummy tummy, tops of arms, thighs, bums (and I could go on forever with this list). They're all irrelevant in this building. There is nothing about you that means you can't have stunning images you can't wait to put on your wall.

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