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Why a boudoir portrait session will boost your self confidence

(more than just a makeover portrait session might)

If you want to boost your self confidence, there's a reason why we recommend a boudoir portrait session (or even nude!) over just a makeover session - and it's all to do with your comfort zone.

Now, we know that we're encouraging you to do something that is a looooong old way outside your comfort zone. If you could just wear your favourite dress? Or jeans and a t-shirt? That would be more relaxing, right?

Here's the thing though - when you don't like having your photo taken, and pretty much don't like yourself in any photos you ever see of yourself, then coming along for any kind of portrait session is going to be outside of your comfort zone. Since you're leaving it anyway, the best way to boost your self confidence is by doing the thing that is furthest outside of your comfort zone.

That's where the adrenaline buzz lies. That feeling of 'if I can do that, I can do anything'. And you get the buzz just from doing the session - coming back to see your photos is the icing on the cake.

What you won't realise until you're in between the 2 experiences, is that you get the buzz twice.

The boudoir 'rollercoaster of emotions'

The words 'roller coaster of emotions' are much overused, but in this case it's completely accurate. From the moment you first get in touch, you're on it.

  • You'll feel proud that you made contact. Then you'll feel slightly scared that you did!
  • When I call and talk you through it all, you'll start to feel confident, and a little bit excited.
  • Before your portrait session, you'll feel scared.
  • star-o
    After your portrait session, you'll feel elated!
  • star-o
    Before seeing your photos, you'll feel nervous
  • star-o
    After seeing your photos, you'll feel like a Goddess! (and forget that you were ever so scared in the first place. And tell everyone you know they must do it too, because you suddenly want everyone to have this great feeling).

It's these extremes of emotion that, at the end of it all, create the win for you - because it's only the extremes that mean you are really going to boost your self confidence.
In this instance - going for the comfortable option, the one you think you'll find the most relaxing, won't give you anywhere near the result that pushing back against your comfort zone will.

boost your self confidence

If you're ready to come along and boost your self confidence, click the link below, and I'll be in touch.

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