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Boudoir make-up looks

Here are some of the most striking and beautiful make-up looks we've had over the years.


First is this gorgeous look made to mimic her hair colour. If you have brightly dyed hair is always look amazing to compliment those colours with your make-up.

For the turquoise eyeshadow our stylist used an eyeshadow called Haight by Urban Decay. The contrasting lipstick is by MAC in colour D For Danger.


This is quite a popular one of our boudoir make-up looks, this subtle but glamorous look. created with a smokey eye and red lip. It is one of our most asked for looks and it can make your eyes really stand out and give your portraits a sultry evening feel.

This particular shade of red lipstick is by Astor in shade Special Red.


Next is this dynamic pastel look. The eyeshadows used for this were by MAC and are in shades Orange, and Stars 'n' Rockets. If you ever want to go for something really striking and different to what you'd normally wear, our stylists are more than happy to create that look for you.


For our boudoir make-up looks and for those that love a bit of purple. This look was a carefully blended mix of Parfait Amour, Stars 'n' Rockets, and Contrast, all of these are from MAC cosmetics. This client decided to contrast her look against her light hair and pale skin tone to really draw attention to her eyes and lips, which worked beautifully.


This boudoir make-up look is a real eye-catcher. Sadly we weren't behind her amazing hair. The dramatic look she went for really ties in with the rest of her look and reflects her personality. The eyeshadows used Silver Ring, Soot, Carbon, and Black, again these are all by MAC (a personal favourite of our stylists) but the eyeliner used is by Collection 2000 in Silver Glitter.


Toning it down in our boudoir make-up looks with this one. For those wanting a more subtle look, this is perfect for you. Our stylist did a slight smokey eye with liquid eyeliner and added a shimmery eyeshadow to softly highlight the eyes. The eyeliner was by Colour Salon in black and for the lovely soft glow on her cheeks she used the ELF Studio Soft Peach blusher.


Lastly  is this gothic chic look. We love how natural she looks relaxing on the bed and how comfortable she looks. Our stylist used the Smashbox Photo Finish primer to prep her skin and the Soot and Cabon eyeshadows by MAC.

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