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Latifat’s Journey

Latifat was very kind to share how her experience with us made her feel and how it has changed her body confidence for good. 

Despite that I arrived quite early, I was immediately attended to and the entire team made me feel at ease, I was quite nervous and was not entirely sure I was going to carry on with the session even when I got to the studio on the day.  

I don't like being touched and have only just started being comfortable getting hugs, so it was especially comfortable for me and I liked the way I was asked when required to be touched to adjust me for a pose and at other times, I liked that I was asked if I was happy with being exposed and was comfortable during poses. Having a female assistant on hand better eased my anxiety during the session.

I had thought through on a number of emotions including being aloof and indifferent about seeing the pictures, never ever crying as part of it.

Thank you so much for having a tissue at hand, 

thank you for the healing hug,

and thank you for holding my hands whilst viewing my photos.

All of this is more than just having pictures taken, you are helping to heal a soul.

I am on that pathway and do not regret clicking that button. Despite the fact that there are millions of books on developing and instilling confidence in a person, or more so listening to several motivational speakers around, I never imagined that having pictures of me taken will better help me on my journey of gaining confidence.
Now it is easier for me to accept and carry myself and live with the image of me that has been produced and truly believe in myself.

Latifat's hair and make-up was by Holly Andersen for her boudoir portrait session.

If you would like to go on a journey of improving your body image, just get in touch below.

Much love,
Anna xx


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