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Hannah’s Journey

Hannah has kindly given shared her experience with us and how it has changed how she views herself.

When I first got in contact it was a moment of daring, I think I was feeling quite self conscious about my body at that point since I was still recovering from an injury, and since I have a very supportive partner I wanted to see what he saw rather than what my preconception of myself was. Anna was extremely welcoming and made me feel very comfortable, if understandably nervous, about coming.

Everyone was chatty, friendly, and welcoming, everyone seemed very relaxed which helped and everything seemed to run very smoothly. It was a very friendly and personal. I found the whole session really wonderful, I did not expect to feel comfortable enough to do a completely nude shot, however it turned out to be the photograph I loved the most! 

I have honestly been smiling since my viewing. Not only were the images stunning, but I didn't realise there was a photograph of me on display in the room when I walked in... I only noticed halfway through the viewing.

My partner adores them, he was as happy as I was. I really didn't expect to enjoy the session as much as I did, but I am so glad I plucked up the courage because looking at these pictures really has made me see that no matter what I've thought before, I can be beautiful and I can be sexy.

I was inspired and my confidence has truly been boosted by this experience. This has been the long overdue confidence boost I've been craving, so thank you so much everyone at Smart Photography! I was blown away. I was so happy with the pictures and it has honestly made my entire week.

Hannah's hair and make-up is by Katrina Tuktereva

If you would like to go on a journey of improving your body image, just get in touch below.

Much love,
Anna xx


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