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Diane’s Journey

Diane very kindly came along to share her body confidence journey - here's how she felt about her experience with us.

I have alopecia and that dented my confidence for many years, I'm getting towards accepting what is and sometimes wear turbans or scarves instead of 'hair'. Occasionally I'll go out bald on holiday.

I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone. Initially I didn't give it much thought but was feeling quite positive after getting the call from Anna. After that I was feeling excited and scared.

I was feeling very conflicted and a bit stressed about doing it. But I thought "Oh well here it goes!"

I loved having my make up and hair done by Katrina, I felt fabulous. Despite feeling nervous at the time, the photos Rachel took show me looking relaxed.

Before the viewing I had a few sleepless nights, I was anxious. On the actual day of the viewing I was a bit nervous and excited.

The images were fabulous, thank you.

I feel attractive, even without hair. But It's still a work in progress.

I feel proud to be me.

Diane's hair and make-up was done by Katrina Tuktereva for her boudoir portrait session.

If you would like to go on a journey of improving your body image, just get in touch below.

Much love,
Anna xx


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