Boudoir Before and After Images – October 2018 | Smart Photography

Boudoir Before and After Images – October 2018

Here's a few of  the Before and After images for October 2018

These are our October before & afters, with even more lovely feedback!

​These are only clients who have said they are happy for us to use their images - there is always an opt out if they're for your eyes only!

I just had my 2nd photo shoot with Smart Photography and had a fab time, my hair and make-up was done by Katrina and she did an amazing job. I did part boudoir and part 'Body As Art' and my portraits were amazing. 

Anna and Robin are amazing, they make you feel so at ease, I will definitely be having another session. I really can't recommend them enough, I'd never go anywhere else.


It was a fantastic experience, from booking in right through to the hair and make-up and the session itself. They were very professional, I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a confidence boost.


At a size 18 I don't really feel my best at the moment, but doing this shoot has really given my confidence a huge boost. The photographs were absolutely fabulous!

I can't thank the Smart Photography Team enough.
Love to all. 


I recently experienced a boudoir portrait session with Smart Photography and enjoyed every minute of it! As soon as I arrived I felt relaxed - even though completely out of my comfort zone! I was made to feel a million dollars throughout the shoot, which helped me get the best out of my portraits! 

The final portraits are breathtaking - I never believed I could look like that!

It was a very enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn to love their body! It's really boosted my confidence and helped me learn to love my curves and perfect imperfections.

Thank you so much! 


From start to finish I loved the whole experience. Being greeted at the door by the dogs was wonderful, then meeting all of the friendly staff, through to the entire shoot experience.

I was made to feel so special the entire time, and I can tell that Anna really works hard to make her customers feel like friends.

My confidence is so much higher after my viewing, and I came away with some amazing photos and a new found bounce in my step. Thank you to the entire Smart Photography team, especially Bailey!


I'd wanted to have a boudoir portrait session for a number of years, I just never got round to sorting it. As a friend had already been to Smart Photography twice before I asked if she wanted to come with me for a third.

I was a little anxious before the shoot as I'm quite a confident person,  it was just fear of the unknown really. Katrina who did my hair and make-up was great and we had a good laugh which put me at ease ready for the shoot and of course looking fabulous after the makeover helped.
The photographer was lovely and I was at ease straight away. I also felt I could offer some input into poses etc.
When we went back to view the photos I was more nervous than I was going for the shoot. I was convinced I wouldn't like any of them. I was blown away when confronted with a wall of 'me' and loved all of them.
Don't think twice, just do it. What have you got to lose?


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