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Boudoir Before and After Images – June 2019

Here's a few of  the Before and After images for June 2019

These are our June before & afters, we helped so many lovely women this month.

​These are only clients who have said they are happy for us to use their images - there is always an opt out if they're for your eyes only!

Everyone was so welcoming and lovely and helped me to feel at ease. Anna was fab at helping me find styles and poses which I liked but also encouraged me to do something slightly out my comfort zone (even more than the shoot itself). My stylist made me look and feel amazing, I couldn’t believe it was me looking back in the mirror.

This was an absolutely amazing experience. I didn’t really know what to expect or how I would feel but the whole team was so lovely and accommodating and made me feel stunning.

Walking in to see a wall of images of yourself from your portrait session is surreal. I was shocked into silence and awe. I’d never seen myself like that before and it was a strange sensation. Sitting down and watching the slideshow was the same but seeing all the images beautifully put together with music, and taking time to just watch made me cry with disbelief that I could look like that! I was stunned into silence... I couldn’t (and still can’t believe) that it’s me in those photos. 

They are all such amazing, lovely, confidence building people. I'm so glad I did this.


Every woman should do this, it is nerve racking but it is so worth it. It was an absolutely amazing experience and you have the images forever more to prove it.


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