Boudoir Before and After Images – June 2018 | Smart Photography

Boudoir Before and After Images – June 2018

Here's a few of  the Before and After images for June 2018

These are our June before & afters, lots of clients enjoying the summer!

​These are only clients who have said they are happy for us to use their images - there is always an opt out if they're for your eyes only!

I've had two photo sessions with Smart Photography and both times have been amazing experiences. My photographs are beautiful and are on the wall in my home. The anonymous shots always get a "wow, that's you?" Comment. I loved every minute and recommend them to everyone.


It was an amazing and fulfilling moment. I got to see myself in a completely different way and I thought "wow I look beautiful."

 I was very nervous at first but soon got into it and felt very comfortable and confident.

I want my pictures to be used to show plus size girls like myself that they are beautiful and to perhaps give them the confidence to give it a try, because trust me it's worth it!


I signed up for the session hoping for a confidence boost now I'm heading towards my 50th birthday. I rarely like photos of myself and I just wanted a photo that I would be proud to show off .

I have lumps and bumps in all the wrong places , I don't like full on face photos , and even after losing 2 stone I still felt ugly and fat. I was so nervous to start with but Robin was amazing, Katrina also stayed throughout. I had a "what on earth am I doing moment" to start with but as the shoot went on I felt so comfortable that my last few photos were done naked! I did not expect I could ever do that!

I actually cried when I went back to view my photo's, I honestly never thought I could look so sexy and confident. My partner said he was so happy that I could finally see in me what he does . Would I recommend this experience? 100% yes .

 Anna , Robin and Katrina were so professional, honest and patient with me and I'm now looking forward to my fabulous 50's .


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