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Boudoir Before and After Images – December 2019

Here's a few of  the Before and After images for December 2019

These are our December before & afters, the amazing Caroline really treated us this month by bringing in her partners motorcycle! We also received some lovely feedback from people.

​These are only clients who have said they are happy for us to use their images - there is always an opt out if they're for your eyes only!

I was very nervous to start with, even trying my outfits on at home was scary, but Robin was fantastic, he put me at ease straight away rummaging through the clothes I’d taken with me. The whole shoot was fabulous, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t find myself breathing in or worrying about my stomach at all and I’m a plus size woman (24) who doesn’t like having my photo taken. Kristina who did my hair and make-up was amazing and kept me company and looked after me throughout the shoot, I felt like I was with a friend.

I was buzzing afterwards, on such a high and we arranged to go back to view the photos the following week and as we left I got very emotional and started to cry - I was upset at the thought of seeing my photos - I was thinking "what a stupid idiot am I to think I could ever look sexy or beautiful in a photograph, what on earth possessed me to do this?" I shed a few tears on and off that week but with my partner I went back to see the photos - WOW. I am so so pleased I did, I looked amazing, I looked sexy and I looked beautiful.

I am so proud of myself and I have shown my daughters and my parents my photos, I’ve also shown friends and my hairdresser - I love them. Elise showed us the photos and passed me the tissues as I cried with relief, she was great, no pressure from her to purchase any of the photos but we did buy them all.

If I can do this so can you - go for it x


I recommend everything about this experience, I walked in not having a clue what to expect. It was really amazing, I was made to feel really comfortable through the whole experience.


I had a shoot just before I had major back surgery. Afterwards I knew I would be left with some pretty major scars and potentially I would be even more disabled. I wanted a memory of my body pre surgery.
I'm about to come for another shoot. I was a size 24 and because I have been back pain free and actually able to exercise and eating better (I walk and swim and I got a chair so I can cook again) I have lost an amazing 6 dress sizes. I also had an idea to have a tattoo to "cover" my scars. I got the tattoo but after working with an amazing tattoo artist it actually makes a feature of my scars. I then went and had a second tattoo in October.

I look at my old pre surgery pictures and look at my unadorned body. That body was what I had and I loved it, my squishy bits and voluptuous curves. My new body is different, it doesn't work as well and it has scars and tattoos but it's been through a war of chronic illness and it shows its battles scars and wears them well. Inside I am still me.  My value is not what I weigh or in my dress size but in me, how I feel what I give, how I live my life, my values. Raising other people up. We live in a world of criticism, and if I get to the gates and I can say I was unapologetically myself and was kind. Then I think I've lived my life well. Life is for living in the body you have and no one has a right to put you down including yourself.


Professional, encouraging company, with the knack of making you feel welcome, empowered, confident and beautiful. They make you want to step into self discovery, to re-evaluate yourself and see you as others see you. There are no flaws and no imperfections with Anna, Robin and their fantastic team. I have never felt so comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone. I was absolutely petrified but excited too, both with my session and then seeing the end result.
The experience has changed my whole outlook and opinion of myself. I would highly recommend anyone to do this.


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