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Boudoir Before and After Images – April 2019

Here's a few of  the Before and After images for April 2019

These are our April before & afters, we helped so many lovely women this month.

​These are only clients who have said they are happy for us to use their images - there is always an opt out if they're for your eyes only!

I got in touch for the opportunity to do something so valuable in the journey of learning to love yourself.

I have been on my own journey the last few months in re finding myself and learning to love myself from the inside out. I knew I needed to do state of mind absolutely needed it.

Anna just listened... I mean really listened. I cried when I told her a little of my story and she was absolutely brilliant,  she reassured me and made me feel completely at ease and valued.

Upon arrival for my session, I was made to feel at ease straight away by Anna. When I was handed over to Robin I was a a little apprehensive but he was absolutely brilliant, constantly asking me if I was OK and if I was comfortable. My make-up and hair artist was equally brilliant at making me feel valued and special.

This experience has totally propelled me in my journey to “find me and love myself “ seeing my photos was a feeling I will never forget. I’m not normally speechless but the overwhelming feeling of pride and 'wow' just took me totally by surprise. For anyone who’s questioning whether to do it... don’t question it, just do it. Every one is so welcoming and professional and make you feel like you are most important person in the room.


I never expected to walk in to the consultation room and see myself all over the wall. I was gobsmacked at how amazing the pictures were. Elise was unbelievably supportive whilst I had a melt down on seeing myself. I was able to take my time in deciding and never felt pressured or rushed. Thank you to you all. You all are amazing and I will never forget a single moment of the entire process.

All I can say is thank you. It has taken me 47 years to be able to say I love myself and I am confident and comfortable for the first time in my life.


I feel that you did everything you could to relax me. Anna called the night before my session to check I was OK and to reassure me. I am a natural worrier and was therefore concerned about the experience.

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and the glass of champagne for our wedding anniversary was a lovely touch. Andy and I both fell in love with dogs too.

For my makeover, I was nervous as I wanted it to look natural as I am not a big make-up wearer, but my stylist took this on board and I loved the end result. I loved the whole experience and left with an overpowering feeling for what I had just done/achieved. 

I had butterflies leading up to the viewing and once I has been lead into the room and told to open my eyes, I just cried with emotion. I was totally blown away with how I look.


We also had a couple makeover portrait sessions this month

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