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The Boudoir Image Everyone Wants

(But Thinks They Can't Have)

This image usually provokes 3 thoughts:
- Wow!
- I would love a photo like that
- I can't have a photo like that

Now, here's the thing. We rarely show images that aren't going to work for the absolute broadest range of women possible.  It is pointless to showcase beautiful images that you have to be a certain size or shape to achieve. So our most wow images? They're almost certainly going to be achievable, by you.

I understand the panic - faced with looking at this I would immediately think "hmm, but my stomach will be resting on the floor next to me".

And you know what? I'm right. It will be. Because it's soft, wobbly and responds to gravity.

The great thing about this image as that it doesn't matter. We've shot this with women of all shapes, including a heavily pregnant woman, and the extremely clever lighting from Robin means that you simply can't tell what is going on in the stomach area. (Don't worry - we did a fab version for our pregnant client with her bump lit beautifully too!).

When we chat through images with you, we're not going to encourage you into poses that won't work - we'll find the ones that will (and this will usually include almost anything you may have seen on our Facebook page).

It is not our job to show you images that you can never have for yourself, but to show you that you can achieve so much more than you thought from your time with us.

All you have to do is have a tiny bit of faith.
Much love,

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