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Black and white portraits – perfect for boudoir

Love black and white portraits? Then I have great news for you.  As anyone who has been to us will tell you, Robin's very precise with
1. directing you during your portrait session
2. lighting

If you happen to be someone who loves shape and light as much as Robin, you may be drawn to images that are all about showing outlines, shape and form.

Black and white silhouettes are particularly beautiful as wall art too, if you're not into traditional portraits.

black and white portraits

Black and whites are also perfect for a more anonymous style of image, if you want to keep people guessing whether a photo is you or not.

black and white portraits

Our recent '50 Shades' style sessions have featured a lot of black and white portraits - it works so well for the genre. And Pinterest boards that get shared with us by you often contain a lot of black and white images.

Not sure you can decide? No problem

If you think you'll love black and white, but aren't 100% sure - don't worry. Anything we show you in black and white can also be produced in colour for you - so if you decide, once you see your own images, that actually, you'd kind of like to see them in colour too, it's no problem.

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