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A selection of the best killer heels we’ve seen

We picked out some of our all time favourite clients shoes to show you all.


This week we went through some of the best killer heels we've seen, we always tell clients to bring fab shoes and some of them look absolutely amazing! Here's some of our favourites, starting with these super shiny metallic heels with an added 50 shades twist of matching handcuffs.


Second for our favourite killer heels are these incredible boots. The interesting detailing on the back just had to be shown off.


Next up are these heels in bright pink, a popular colour with this particular client, so she coordinated her outfits and shoes all together.


These platform heels have a lovely Paris cartoonist style to them and obviously a killer platform heel to them.


These killer heels are by the amazing  Hades footwear who specialise in their metal ornate heels. They really suit her gothic rock chick look.


This photo is for all those Irregular Choice enthusiasts and collectors. We are more than happy to show off an impressive heel collection for our clients.


Lastly but certainly not least for our killer heels list is this pair of custom, hand made shoes a client brought in. They are absolutely incredible and give us a little bit of an Alice in wonderland feeling.

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