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Be Your Own Inspiration

If you admire women who have confidence in their bodies - start being one

There is an utter misery to be found in not feeling good about your body.

It limits everything from clothing choices, to the things you'll do.

"I can't wear a bikini" 
"I can't wear shorts"
"I can't wear dresses"
"I can't go in the pool"

These are constant refrains throughout the summer.

Beach body ready? I have heard hundreds of women refer to themselves as "more like a beached whale". I've spoken about myself like it to. Because if we can get the insult in first, we're surely staving off anyone else having to bother?

Not exactly inspirational is it? We wouldn't tell our friends to cover up. We'd encourage them to be proud of who they are.

You can be the inspiration for other women

You know the insecurities that other women face, because you face them yourself.

Every single time a woman decides to stop giving a f*ck about what everyone else thinks, she becomes an inspiration to others.  She helps the rest of us get that little bit braver. And she grows in confidence herself. You can be her.

To start with be your own inspiration

When you step outside of your comfort zone, you'll find that it was never real. All your comfort zone really is, is a set of limiting beliefs. If you have the means to do something, if you're physically capable of doing something, then doing it or not doing it is a decision you can just make.

Have the confidence to be your own inspiration.

Wear the bikini.
Go in the pool.
And find out that what other people think is "I wish I had her confidence".

‚ÄčIf you're looking for someone to be inspired by, look in the mirror first.

Much love,

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