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Your boudoir essentials

We made a definitive list of our top 7 boudoir essentials. If you've got one of each of these, you are golden. 

Everything else is up to us.

1. A bra & knicker set

First on the list, because this is by far the most important, is a well-fitting bra and knicker set. Go for one that gives you the best support possible. as no other item of lingerie can do this job as well as a good bra does.

2. Brazilian cut knickers

Brazilian knickers are a must for a boudoir session.Not all knickers are created equal though, and for this you definitely want to bring Brazilian (or cheeky) cut knickers.You don't need a matching bra – we're thinking of images from behind here & Brazilian cut knickers are going to lengthen your legs, as well as giving a lovely curve shape on your cheek. I promise you'll never want to choose a different cut again!

3. Heels

We're talking killer heels.These will do wonders for posture. They tuck your bum under, lengthen your legs and make you stand taller through your shoulders and chest.Go for the tallest, thinnest heels you can find. Avoid shoe boots and ankle straps – these cut off that extra few inches the heels add to your legs.

4. More coverage

If you don't love your stomach, then for standing or sitting images we suggest bringing something with a little more coverage. There are lots of options out there, so there is something for everyone.If you need support, get something with cups OR something that would look ok with a bra under it. We have a fab black lacy dress from Ann Summers that looks great over a bra and knicker set, which we recommend to everyone.

Items with support like corsets, basques or babydolls work great so don't be afraid to look around for something. If you don't need support you can look at slips, teddies or negligees - all are very elegant, but make sure they show off your figure and aren't too loose fitting.

5. Jewellery

If you never leave the house without a piece of statement jewellery, then definitely think through what to bring with you.If you're just not into jewellery you don't need to think about it at all.This is only important if it's a big part of your personality. We don't want you to be sitting there, looking at your images, thinking “I wish I wore my big sparkly necklace for that” or “there's something missing”.If you're in the middle, and you do have just a few pieces that mean a lot to you, or that you wear all the time, definitely wear them. They'll add an extra personal touch to your images.

6. Accessories

These can help make your portraits extra personal. Adding a favourite item of yours can be the icing on the cake for some portraits. We've had everything from guitars to motorbikes, from ice skates to pocket watches. Anything you would like to feature, we can work with. It could be as simple as your favourite book.Alternatively accessories can be clothing – favourite jackets, hats, summer scarves – just pick something very 'you'.

7. Partner's shirt

If you have a partner, snaffle one of their shirts to bring along. Work or dress shirts work especially well, and they will absolutely love it (although, to be fair, they'll love all of them anyway!).

How To Stand Taller In Photos

Today I'm showing you how doing one simple thing can help you look better in photos.

So today I want to talk about standing up straighter in photos and how when you think you're standing up straight, you're probably not, and the difference that it makes to do that in photos.

Mostly when we're in photos we tend to stand possibly with the weight on one particular leg and a hip kicked out to the side and it creates little bulges, if you're anything like me. So it doesn't matter what you really do, which side or the other, it's always gonna have little bulges going on somewhere. So if you stand up straight, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to all of this that's going on. However, the way to stand up straighter is to suck in, as soon as you suck in then everything raises, it naturally pushes your shoulders back, it raises your chest , and it defines the waist.  It makes a big difference to the stomach and waist area but also it makes a difference to how your shoulders are and how you're generally stood - you can't get that just form standing up straight. You have to suck in at the same time and it'll make you stand up straighter, taller, elongate your torso, bring your chest up, and your shoulders back, and create a better image for you in a photo.

Much love, 



Another Myth About Body Confidence

Today I'm talking about how a lack of confidence can hold you back from doing things you really want to do.

So a couple of weeks ago I talked about one of the big myths about confidence, which is that it's something that you either have or that you don't have and today I want you follow on from that and talk about another big myth about confidence and that's the idea that if someone is doing something, then they must be doing it with confidence.

This is something that holds an awful lot of people back from doing things that they want to do. That though that you feel like you have enough confidence and you look at other people and think "I wish that I could be more like them". But the truth is that most people don't walk around brimming with confidence the entire time. At best they're managing to fake it a little bit better than some of us. So if you think of actors and singers, these are jobs which we would assume require a huge amount of confidence. And yet these people still get stage fright, they're not supremely confident people who can just do anything that they want to without a thought, they're not actually that different to the rest of us, at all.

Being able to act as though you're confident is not the same as actually feeling confident on the inside and that's what most people are doing, they're acting or pretending to have more confidence than they really do.

So if you can let go of the idea that to do whatever it is that you want to do requires some higher level of confidence, that you just don't have and everybody else does. If you think that instead lots of people with no confidence have done this thing then so can I. Then you can start to change how you feel about the thing that you want to do and make it seem more possible to you, because you're aligning yourself with those other people. They weren't confident but they did it anyway, so can I. Hopefully if you can start to do that it'll just start to boost your confidence because when you do things like that, you're slowly moving your comfort zone.

Essentially, fake it 'till you make it, ladies.

Much love,