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Always hide from the camera?


Do you just know that you could never have a boudoir portrait session because you wouldn't look great in the photos?
You're not alone!

body confidence boost

A boudoir portrait session is a liberating experience that leaves you feeling amazing.
It's also an experience that lots of women think they just can't have, because, well, because of lots of individual reasons, that can mostly be summed up as:

I don't have the perfect body and I never look good in photos

If that's how you feel, well, that's completely normal.

But, I'd love the opportunity to change your perception because:
1. There's no such thing as being unphotogenic
2. Everyone can look great in photos - and there's no reason why you can't

There's nothing about you, how you look or how your body looks that means you can't have beautiful portraits. BUT...I do know how you feel. I put my own boudoir session off for 18 months because I felt the same...
but what about my cellulite?

my fat thighs?

the way my chest is heading south?

my stomach that can 'overhang' my knickers if I go for a skimpy style?
(I know, I sound like a real catch).
Much as I had seen other women come along and have a fabulous time, and beautiful portraits, I didn't believe I could do the same, because:

I don't have the perfect body and I never look good in photos

But, I did it. And of course I needn't have worried. Of course there's no reason I, ordinary though I am, couldn't look and feel extraordinary for once (and yes the makeover and the champagne helped a LOT!).

So, please don't think that we don't understand how insecure women feel about their bodies - we absolutely know and respect that everyone has their own hang ups, and this is one of the big reasons you always come along to see me for a chat before your session.

Here you'll see photos of women just like you - and be reassured that actually, you can and will have a fab time, and look and feel amazing.

It's OK - I know you don't believe me

And here's the thing - you'd like to, but there's a little voice saying "not you".  Literally telling you it's ok for everyone else but "not you".
I've heard it! I heard it for 18 months when I was putting off my own shoot!

So we come to the conundrum.

- I think you'll have a great time, and the confidence you'll get from doing this will be amazing.

- You're sceptical.

- I want to ask you for £199 for your chat, makeover and photoshoot.

- What? Now you're really sceptical. £199 for something you won't even love anyway?

I know you're going to love your photos.
You don't know that yet.
So, I'll take the 'risk'.

Book your portrait session for just a £50 deposit (no £199 session fee) - fully refundable if you do not love your images.

To take advantage of this offer, fill in your details below or call me on 01993 883645.

I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

Much love,


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