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The 7 Items For Boudoir In Under 60 Seconds

Today I'm going through the 7 must-have items for a boudoir portrait session...

in under 60 seconds

So today I wanted to talk about what to bring along to wear for a boudoir portrait session. I know it's something that people tie themselves up in knots about, so I'm gonna tell you everything you need to know, in less than 60 seconds.

1. A good bra and knicker set.

A nice colour that gives you good contrast against your skin, fits you well and gives good support when you're lying down.

2. Brazilian cut knickers.

Not a thong, not Bridgette Jones'. Brazilians.

3. If you hate your stomach, bring something that covers it up.

A basque, a babydoll, a corset. All of these will do the job.

4. Killer heels.

Not wedges, no ankle straps. Just stilettos.

5. Jewellery.

If you're into jewellery then bring some favourite pieces of jewellery along.

6. Accessories.

Anything like a leather jacket, a favourite scarf. Anything that's very you, bring it.

7. A man's shirt.

If you've got a partner, nick one of theirs. Otherwise borrow one from us and you're diamond.

I hope this helped.

Much love, 



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