5 Reasons Not to Have a Boudoir Portrait Session

You would love to have a boudoir portrait session, but...

1 - I'm really busy right now

Work's hectic,  no time to myself - maybe it would be better to wait until the summer, when I'll have more time?


2 - I'm going on holiday

So much to organise! Anyway, it would be so much more fab to come along after the holiday - all tanned and confident!


3 - I put on weight on holiday 🙁

Turns out 2 weeks lying in the sun, drinking cocktails did not make me feel like a bronzed goddess. Best lose a couple of pounds and come in Autumn!*


4 - There's just so much to do, and we're getting closer to Christmas, I haven't got the time or spare cash

Oh yes, there's no doubting the end of the year seems to come rushing to meet you, maybe in the New Year?


5 - Argh. It's January. I feel miserable. And broke. And I ate all the mince pies, ever.

Still, no better time to start a new diet than January, eh? Maybe wait until the post-Christmas slump, and come in spring?

Except...see no. 1

There will always be lots of reasons you can find not to do it.
Unless that reason is "frankly, it's not my cup of tea", then it's possible, just a little bit, that you might just be talking yourself out of it (I know that feeling, I did it for 18 months!).

If that sounds like it might be you, the first step here is always just a chat at the studio - that's the important bit though, as it gives you more confidence to go ahead.

Ready to talk? Call me on 01993 862896 (quick! it's almost summer!).

Much love,

(* my advice - nothing matters, or flatters, more than well fitting lingerie - it's all you need to think about!)

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