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Your 5 biggest questions about boudoir answered

Everyone has questions about boudoir portrait sessions before they come - so here are the answers to all those things you need to know

1. Let's start with the big one!
Will I really look ok in my photos?

I know you think there are lots of reasons you may not look fabulous - we worry about everything from stretch marks to varicose veins. Some of us think our faces are too round, or our noses are too big <raises hand>. Others are more caught up with our wobbly bits - no one needs to see our cellulite, right?

On the one hand, if you're about to be photographed in your lingerie, you can't help but look in the mirror and critique what's in front of you.  On the other, unless you happen to be really, really good at posing and lighting, you're not seeing what's going to be in your images.

Don't do yourself down. If I didn't 100% believe that anyone would have really beautiful portraits, I wouldn't say it. What would be the point?

It is the case that not every pose suits every person. It's not the case that every person likes/wants/can physically get into every pose.

So, your portrait session is tailored to you, and no one else. We won't create images that don't work for you.

2. I have nothing to wear - what do I need?

Well, you're welcome to wear nothing, of course! However, if you were thinking of a little more coverage than your birthday suit, you really only need 3 changes of lingerie.

 A well fitting bra and knicker set is a must - nothing does the job of a bra quite as well as a bra does.

A couple more items - basques, corsets, babydolls, your other half's shirt, leather jacket - anything goes. We also have the Ann Summers 'Britney' dress here, which you're welcome to borrow.

Brazilian cut knickers - they're the most flattering cut and M&S have plenty in a variety of colours - we're not asking you to break the bank here.

Heels - the taller and thinner the heel, the better. You stand differently in heels. Luckily, we have sizes 3 to 8 available for you to borrow too.

3. Do my images have to be used by you for marketing?

No! Unless you are responding to a 'model call' - which we make very clear - your images are yours to decide what to do with, and won't be shared at all without your permission.

4. Do I need to do my own hair and make up?

No - part of your experience with us is to enjoy a professional makeover.

This doesn't mean you have to look drastically different, although you can if you want to. It's up to you what look you'd like to go for.

5. Is there a hard sell at the end of it all?

No! No thumbscrews here. If you'd like a price list in advance, just ask - it will be with your booking email anyway, and we'll go through the different options on the day of your session too.

I'm not going to pretend we are cheap. So, if you look, and decide it's not for you, that's fine. I also know sometimes people want to save up a little before they come, so that they can definitely get exactly what they want.
You'll never be sat looking at your images, not knowing how much anything costs. Plus, we keep your images long term, so that you can come back and buy more later if you want to.

So what's next?

We have a 3 step process to make sure you're feeling as confident as you can, going into your boudoir portrait session.

We start with a chat on the phone.

Then you come along to our Witney studio, for your pre session planning chat.

Next is the session itself - you'll be with us for around 3 hours on the day of your session, and you're welcome to bring a friend along for company too.

I hope I've answered your questions about boudoir - to find you more about coming along for a session, or if you have questions I haven't answered, fill in the form below and I'll give you a call.

Much love,

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We're confident you will love your images, in which case simply deduct your deposit from whatever you choose to order.

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