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30 days of blogging

So, I'm at the end of 30 days of blogging (ok, I missed a day, so I am a day late finishing!). Thank you if you've stayed with me and read them all!

I'm hopeful that in that time I've answered some questions like who your portraits should be for, and introduced you to ways you might sabotage your session, without even knowing you're doing it. As well as sharing someone else's point of view on their portrait session.

If you have questions I haven't answered, then please let me know!

I've talked about how hard (and also important) it is to put yourself first, and I put myself first by being a make up model for us.

And I've told you about our studio move. And I may have mentioned it again. And again. Well, it is super exciting to us, and, since the move is imminent now, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the new studio soon.

Of course whilst we've been busy picking paint colours and floors, we've been busy at the studio too - not least creating new wall art for the studio (and please click the link if you'd like to take part and be on our new walls).

We've also launched our Instagram account - and if you'd like to feature as one of our models for that, do get in touch. We're getting to grips with Instagram now and love showing a typical day at the studio.

Of course I will be continuing the blog - just not every day! If you'd like me to share anything about your own portrait session with us, let me know and you could feature!

Much love,

30 days of blogging - before & after

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