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So you think you’re not photogenic?

Here's something I come across time and again - women being convinced they're unphotogenic.

It's a topic I've visited before, more than once. But it's also a pretty big topic, so I'm coming back to it again.

I just need to to make a point to you. If you know people who always, always look fabulous in photos, then, I'll grant you, it's fair to say they may well be photogenic. This doesn't mean that everyone else, who doesn't automatically look great in every picture, is unphotogenic.

Other people looking fabulous in photos all the time does not mean you never can

Why would it?

If someone else is a concert pianist, it doesn't mean you're tone deaf.

If someone else is an awesome chef, it doesn't mean you're incapable of boiling an egg.

If someone else can do something seemingly effortlessly, it doesn't mean you can't do it at all.

Looking good in photos is a skill

And skills can be learned.

But, I hear you say, I have no photos of me that I like. None at all. I hate them all. I delete them. I never have my photo taken. I avoid the camera. I take the photos so that I can't be in them.
I'll break the camera.
I'm ugly.
I'm too fat.
I always pull a weird face.
I always have too many chins.

All things that have been said to me, over and over. 
Guess what? I don't have Vogue on hold whilst I'm typing this, begging me to appear on their front cover.
L' Oreal aren't after me to star in their latest advert.
I get it!

Not looking good in photos is not the same as being unphotogenic

If you want to get comfortable in front of a camera, then you need to get in front of a camera. 

Often, we don't like photos of ourselves because we're shocked by how we look. Now, either we're all completely deluded about how we look, or the camera isn't giving us a true reflection of ourselves.

It's most likely to be the latter - being uncomfortable in front of a camera is going to show. Your discomfort will be magnified, as will small gestures we make (like going tense, and raising our shoulders, or recoiling from the camera, giving ourselves extra chins).

There are lots of things you may be doing that result in a 'bad' photo - but if you get yourself aware of them, you can control them - the very first step towards getting better photos.
Much love,

Now in Witney – we need YOU!

Come along and feature on our studio walls

We are looking for two more women who would love a boudoir portrait session, and would like to feature on the walls of our reception at our new Witney studio.

Your portrait session will be shot partly on film, and be tailored to create specific images we have in mind to feature.

The rest of the time will be all about you, and any images you'd love to have created!

If you'd like to take part, and are free on any of the following dates, please fill in the form and I'll be in touch. Please be aware that, as with all of our sessions, we will ask for a fully refundable deposit of £40 on booking. As a thank you for taking part, we are happy to offer 20% off anything on our pricelist.

You must be over 18 to come along for a boudoir portrait session with us.

Available dates:

Saturday 11th March

Sunday 12th March

Thursday 16th March

Sunday 19th March

(Expect to be with us for around 3 hours)

Fill in the form, and I'll be in touch

Join our models so far!

Be a part of our film project

Remember film?

I 'may' have mentioned that we're moving premises (don't worry, we're still exactly where we were for now) and, as part of our move, we're creating a display in our reception area based on images shot purely on film. 

**Update 25/2/17 - we are now at our new premises in Witney**

Remember film? Back when you couldn't instantly see a photo and delete it if you didn't like it? Well, Robin has 5 or 6 different film cameras he will be working with, to create images to grace the walls of our new reception, and they are all film.

What are we doing?

We already have in mind specific images we want to create. These will be then be printed and framed in our reception.

Who do we need?

We are looking for women aged over 18 - apart from that, you can be any age/size/shape.
The sessions will take place during January and the start of February 2017.

What's in it for you?

You will receive, for free, a boudoir or makeover portrait session (usually £99) including :
- pre session chat at our studio (in Long Hanborough, near Witney)
- gorgeous makeover by one of our pro stylists
- a fabulous portrait session, using both digital and film cameras
- your private image viewing

You are welcome to purchase images from your session, and as a thank you from us you will receive 20% off anything on our price-list.

What else is in it for you?

You may be gracing our studio walls! We are likely to shoot more images than we need - it's film and we want to be 100% sure we have exactly what we want. If your images aren't on the wall, they will be incorporated into slideshows used for marketing or used elsewhere in the building.

Everyone involved will be invited to a very private 'reveal' evening at the new studio (there'll be champagne!).

What should you do to take part?

Fill in the form below, and I'll be in touch to give you more information.

I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon!
Much love,


How to have your portraits

Have you put as much thought into how to have your portraits as you have (hopefully put) into the session itself?

A lot of the time the answer here is a resounding "no". There are lots of reasons why this may be the case, and a major one is not really believing you're going to want why think about it?

As you leave us after your portrait session, we'll recommend that, before you come back to view, you have a think about how to have your portraits. "Imagine," Robin will say "what you're going to do if you see 20 images you like". And you'll laugh, because, really, 20 images that you like? Of yourself? Ha.

Now, I will admit that it is something of a failing on my part if I have, despite much reassurance, failed to convince you that you are going to love your portraits. But sometimes, it's not until you see them that you really understand just how fabulous you are.  It's just how it is.

If you can dare, for a moment, to consider that you're going to have beautiful portraits to choose from that you'll want to take home and look at forever - here's what you need to think about.

How to have your portraits - digitally

You can have your portraits as a gorgeous slideshow, set to music. It's a great option, because you don't have to do any narrowing down - you're getting all of them.
However, if you think a smart tv is one that happens to look really nice, only getting your images digitally may not be your best option.

If you're tactile, and like things to touch, hold in your hand, put on your wall, a USB stick might not be your best option. 

How to have your portraits - for the wall

If you've got a big space above your bed you're just aching to fill with a piece of artwork - go ahead and measure up and we can have something made bespoke for you to fill it.

If, on the other hand, you have a seemingly endless stream of teenagers roaming through your house, and your bedroom is not quite as personal as you wished it was, have a really good think about whether wall art is what you want to take home from your session.

how to have your portraits

How to have your portraits - the best of both worlds

If you think you don't have any space, never mind the right wall space now, but you know that's going to change in the future, consider the mix a portfolio of images gives you.

This way, you'll be getting an album-like presentation box of images, but also the digital files. This way, if you do change your mind about how you'd like to have your images in the future, you've given yourself ultimate flexibility.

​I'll show you all of the different options, and get you thinking about what you'd really like to have from your session, when you come along for your chat beforehand.

Much love,


Instagram? Pinterest? Why we find social media hard

Social media - so useful, so fabulous, so 'what on earth do I need to do next?' 😉

For our business, I really like Facebook (ok, I just really like Facebook and am never off it), but there's a whole wide world of social media that, as a business, I am repeatedly told, we must engage with.

The thing is, there's a reason I like Facebook for our business - it has a feel of a community and we're in control of how people comment on our page and, to a degree, who sees what we post.  This is important when we're sharing client images - which is why a first, faltering step into Twitter failed as I immediately thought 'put our client images on display for any old troll to talk about? No'.

I should also add at this point that we will always check with you that you are happy for your images to be used for marketing - it is not expected or necessary - you can opt out!

Like a protective mother hen, I took a look at the world of Twitter and decided it's best left to others. I stayed with the comforting coziness of Facebook. And so then, we look to Instagram. Surely perfect for photographers to showcase their wares?  A bit like Twitter though, there's a sharing and general 'hashtag-ness' to it that I'm not entirely comfortable with. (OK, I may just be old, I'll admit that, it doesn't tempt me on a personal level either).

What we can do with Instagram, is give a little glimpse into the world that is our studio, and show a little of what it's like to come here for a portrait session. Making sure that, on the whole, we're being careful about the kinds of images shown, whilst hopefully introducing the team to you a little more.

So, if you've seen our recent shout outs for 'Instagram models', this is us getting our heads round what to post, how to post and generally trying to figure it all out. 

Pinterest is different again - for us it's an excellent resource where you, our lovely clients,  can set up boards and share hair and make up looks you'd like to try, as well as images you're feeling inspired by. We've been on Pinterest for a while, and are just starting to get to grips with keeping the boards updated.

I'll be honest - trying to keep up with posting on different versions of social media, plus the website, feels like a challenge. When I'm not comfortable with the type of media, it's an insurmountable challenge (I may yet get to grips with tweeting, maybe just not this year).

If you're a social media addict, find us on the various platforms:
Twit...nah, let's forget that one 😉

OR, you could just pick up the phone and call me for a chat (01993 862896)- my comfort zone! And I'll tell you everything you need to know about booking a boudoir or makeover portrait session, quicker than scooting around the net.

Much love,


Before & after for Facebook
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