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Boudoir Photos over 50 – perfect timing!

Is there an age limit on boudoir?
Yes, actually - we do tend to request that you're over 21 (and if you look really young, we may ask to see some ID). There is NO upper age limit.

In fact, by the time you're in your 50s you may well find that your body has changed a ways you don't love. It can be the perfect time to give yourself a confidence boost and remind yourself just how fab you are!

There are lots of things that change women's bodies, from having children to the menopause (and let's not forget gravity). Do we congratulate ourselves on the amazing achievements of our bodies? Not really. Mostly we despair, hanker after the body we used to have, and generally fall out with ourselves over how we look.

I'm 43 - did I love my body when I was 33? Not so much. Would I prefer it now to my 43 year old body. Yes! I should have appreciated it a lot more at the time.  

Needless to say, mostly, we're not getting back the body we used to have. I'm not saying "don't bother exercising, we're all doomed anyway", but there is a difference between trying to improve on what you have now (if you want to) and trying to recapture something you used have.

What you can definitely recapture is confidence in your body.  I say 'recapture' but, of course, for many women they never had that confidence in the first place. That's ok - it's never too late to start loving yourself. There's definitely no age limit on feeling good about yourself.

Preparing for boudoir photos over 50 is the same as for any other age. However, your natural inclination may be to want to cover up more.  A lot of the time when chatting to clients over 50, they're trying to think of what to wear that has the absolute most coverage. There is no need to cover up more at 50, 55 or 60 +. The main thing, as with all boudoir portrait sessions, is to make sure you have lingerie that fits well. Then just trust that we are not going to take and show you images that don't flatter. Why would we?

Bear in mind, we know women's bodies (and insecurities) really well. There are common themes - not liking tops of arms, thighs, stomachs (especially mummy tummies and sagging bellies).  These are all things you don't need to worry about here. The right lingerie, posing and lighting is going to work for you - and if you have no clue what the right lingerie is, don't worry about that either, because we will talk it through at your pre-session chat.

We'll also look at lots of images of women just like you - so that you'll start to see how well the poses can work for you. Your portrait session is tailored to make sure we're creating the kinds of images you love, with poses that work well for you. And all the things you're worried about? Really, is is our job to create your perfect portraits - it's not yours to know how to pose, or what looks good. 

Everything starts with a chat - that's all. Not to plan your session, but to find out whether it's for you. Just get in touch (you can fill in the form below) when you're ready for a call.

Much love,


Message from Lauren

It's always nice to end the day with a message from a client - especially one who only left a few hours ago!

Dear Anna, Robin and Kate,

I'd just like to say a huuuge thank you!

I am so totally in love with my photos. They are absolutely stunning. You have all given me so much more confidence in myself and for that I am forever grateful.

I think you are all so fab. You made me feel so comfortable and welcome that it felt like home and stripping down to my undies felt almost normal to do so.

Your service is absolutely incredible from start to finish. And you were so right! That even when I looked in the mirror and was unsure with my look but I have never been so shocked and pleased in my life with the final outcome.

I am going to highly recommend you to everyone I know.

Thank you again so very very much!!

I cannot wait to see my images again.

All the very best,


Choose confidence

Can you just choose confidence? Or is it something you have to really, really feel?

Personally, I am a massive believe in 'fake it 'til you make it'.  Largely because I don't have a lot of confidence myself (I have a lot of anxiety instead).  The temptation is to just not do the things that would make me feel anxious.  However, some days this would potentially include 
- driving to work
- going out with friends
- interviewing staff
Not exactly conducive to a happy life or a successful business!

I pretty much make myself do things that are outside of my comfort zone, but then, my comfort zone is very small. Most people can manage to drive to work without breaking into a cold sweat, I expect!
So, I have to do things that are outside of my comfort zone, otherwise I'd be the mad dog lady who stays at home with her mutt and doesn't interact with people, except on walks. (Given, I suspect, around 2 weeks off work and I would become mad dog lady).

It is much easier to break out of your comfort zone when you have to, for life to run smoothly. It's considerably harder to do, when it's something non-essential.

For example, last year I went on a spa day. This involved:
- driving somewhere I hadn't been before
- being amongst other people, wearing a swimsuit/bikini
These things are a long way outside of my comfort zone, and I didn't have to go on the spa day. But I wanted to see my friends, get the facial, have a cream tea and feel a bit posh and pampered. I decided to book it, because once it was booked, it was carved in stone that I would be going.

The inevitable anxiety ensued - that I couldn't drive that far, that people would point and laugh at me in a bikini...
I did my planning - mapped & printed the route so that if my phone satnav failed I would still know where I was going. Made sure the bikini fitted ok. This doesn't help the anxiety, but it occupies my mind a little and makes me feel more in control.

And of course I went, and the drive was fine and no one laughed at me in a bikini/robe because everyone else was pretty much the same and really, what was I worried about?
It's always the same - get anxious about the thing, do the thing, the thing goes fine and there was no reason to be anxious.

So, do I really think you can choose confidence? Not fully, no. But you can choose to not let a lack of it hold you back if you really want to do something. 

Much love

Ready to move the boundaries of your comfort zone, so that you can feel amazing?
Fill in the form below, and you could be selected for a complimentary boudoir portrait session, including a 12 x 8 inch portrait of your choice (worth £199).
A fully refundable deposit of £40 is taken on booking. This is refunded when you return to see your images.

Reasons a boudoir session can’t work for you

If you would love to have beautiful boudoir portraits taken, and think you can't, what is it that you feel makes you different?
You possibly feel like there are many reasons a boudoir session can't work for you.
I can pretty much guarantee that the biggest difference between our clients and you is that they managed to be brave enough to take that first step and get in touch with us.

The other reasons you think you have? They're unlikely to be real.

Here's what they've said about themselves:


I've never had the greatest confidence over how I looked ..mirrors are not my best friend


...a few months ago I would say no way to doing this as I'm not confident with my body and plus I'm getting older!


It was something I had always wanted to do, but never felt I had the confidence.


After a marriage break up I wanted to boost my flagging confidence...I never thought for one minute I could look as good as the pictures showed.

I love sharing with you images of our fabulously confident clients, but it's really important too that you know they weren't feeling fabulously confident when they first got in touch - they were feeling scared, daunted and very disbelieving that they were going to have images like the ones they'd seen on our Facebook page or website.

Even though the portrait session itself isn't as scary as everyone is expecting, the doubt always creeps back to people, before they come and view their images.

Look at it this way - we're not going to invite you back to see images we don't think you'll love? Why would we?

Still, I can say all this as much as I like - you don't have to believe me.  So, let's get personal. If you are stuck feeling like you would love beautiful images, but you don't think you can have them, let me know why. I'll get back to you with a reply that let's you know 
- whether I think we can help
- if so, how I think we can help

And then it's up to you to decide whether you would like to come and see us for a chat to find out more.

Fill out the form below and take your first step towards going from "I can't" to "I can".

Much love,


Thank you so much to the whole team at smart photography you have helped my views of myself & I actually rather love the way I look now ..thanks to you!


I had a truly wonderful time at Smart Photography...My hair and make up was fabulous like a film star! And my friends loved my photos!! Thank you Anna & Robin.


I was so nervous, but the whole team were amazing, especially Robin. He is very good at making you feel at ease and is really professional and an amazing photographer. I would highly recommend them.


I would definitely say go for it to anyone who feels a bit down or just wants to feel gorgeous for the day whatever shape or size you are and keep the image for the rest of their lives 🙂 Thanks Guys xx

7 stages of boudoir

The 7 stages of boudoir

There's a certain 'arc' to how our clients feel - before, during and after their portrait sessions - the 7 stages of boudoir.

Everyone tends to feel it's just them - I'm here to reassure you that it's not!


This is the "I can't possibly look like that/be brave enough to do any of that" stage, where you just don't have faith in yourself.

This stage is overcome with our pre-session chat. This is my opportunity to let you know that you can do it, and you will look amazing (no exceptions).

You might not believe it quite yet, but it's always good to have reassurance.


You're not 100% convinced that your images are going to be beautiful, but you know you need to buy a few new pieces of lingerie, and give it all a go.

You trust us enough to arrive for your session (and the glass of champagne is very welcome).


You're looking gorgeous with your hair and make up professionally done and it turns out it's  all actually not that scary after all.
Told you you could do it!


Here's the thing about doing something outside of your comfort zone - it gives you a buzz. 
You leave your session feeling 10 feet tall and a million dollars. You've seen some images on the back of the camera, and wow! You're looking amazing!


Every high has a come down - you're feeling great after your session, but somehow, just before you come along to view your portraits, all that confidence starts to seep away and that doubt comes back - those "I can't have beautiful images because..." thoughts come flooding back.


You're watching your slideshow thinking "she looks amazing, I hope my images look like this" and then it dawns on you - these are your images and you look amazing!


Your images are now a constant, daily reminder to you how fabulous you are.  This feeling is the one you get to keep.

7 stages of boudoir

And there we have them - the 7 stages of boudoir.
At stage one? Let's talk!

Much love,