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Please Don’t Apologise For Your Body

Today I have a request,

please stop apologising about your body.

It doesn't matter if you have stretch marks, scars, you're 'plus size', or any other reason you can come up with as to why you shouldn't have a boudoir portrait session.

The only thing preventing you from having gorgeous photos of yourself, are those thoughts you have. 

None of those things matter to us or will change what we are trying to do for you in any way. You are you, and we wouldn't change that for anything.


You do not need to explain that you've had kids or that you've had this surgery, and that your body therefore isn't perfect.

Nobody's body is perfect, and imperfections do not need a reason, they don't need an excuse.

You don't need to excuse away your stretch marks or any scars or your sagging stomach. These are all natural things, they may not seem natural (especially after surgery), that might not be how you think your body should look, but it's all just a part of how our bodies are. They change over time. We don't necessarily like those changes but please don't think that we, as a company, are going to judge you for how your body is.

What we do here is no more based on your size or how you look than anything like going for along for a manicure. There's no mould that you need to fit into for it to be ok for you to come along and do this. Not from our point of view.

Our job is to create images of you that you will absolutely love, we're saying we'll do it, we're saying that's what we're gonna do so it's down to us to do it. You don't need to try and find reasons why we can't do it, there aren't any reasons. You can do it. You are good enough exactly as you are, right now. There's nothing about you that you need to change to make this work for you, so please don't feel like you've got to excuse anything about yourself. You absolutely haven't.

We believe that, we believe that you're gonna look amazing in your photos,

we just want you to believe it too.

Much love, 



Our favourite outfits

We picked out some of our all time favourite outfits to show you all.


Our first boudoir outfit favourite is actually a coat. This gorgeous coat working with her steampunk corset has an amazing contrast against her hair and just creates such a striking image. Not all your outfits have to be specifically lingerie, coats and jackets can work just as well.


On our list has to be a great babydoll. One like this in a bright colour, giving lots of contrast against your skin will really stand out. We love the way the fabric falls at the front, giving some more coverage but accentuating the shape of her hips and drawing attention to her legs.


This is a combination of a leather jacket (always great to bring along), great underwear and a suspender belt. You don't want to over complicate some outfits or you can lose yourself under it all. We want to show you off, not just your great taste in lingerie. Like with Monday's post, leather jackets can work great just like coats. A leather jacket can add a bad girl/biker chic style if that's what you're after. Whereas a coat might be more sultry and romantic.


This outfit is a style of lingerie we don't see much. This client had a bridal boudoir session with us and wore her white underbust corset and her white bridal shoes. Combining those with her stunning bra and knicker set, adding that bit of colour, worked amazingly. We traditionally get full corsets and rarely see an underbust corset. But for those of you who struggle to find lingerie (that isn't a bra and knicker set) that fits your chest well, an underbust corset could be your saviour.If you have a fab bra and knicker set, find yourself an underbust corset. This will give you the perk of cinching in your waist and adding more coverage, but you can also rely on your bra to give you the support and the fit you need.


Next is this gorgeous is this basque.We LOVE a good basque.They can give you more coverage but proper support and more flexibility than a corset. This basque has suspender straps attached to it to really tie in the whole outfit and is a lovely contrasting red.


This is quite possibly the best outfit we have ever seen. Anywhere. This gorgeous tailor made latex dress just blew us away.Proper latex outfits (not PVC) fit you tighter than anything and just hug your shape in the most flattering way, adding that amazing shine and great colours, it’s just to die for.


Lastly, the best outfit for boudoir is, quite No amount of latex, silk, lace or steel boning will compare to how amazing you will look in nothing but you.Most clients can't ever imagine getting naked, but we often find that by the end of the session they've gained so much more confidence since the start that they're willing to just go for it.

Why I Stopped Wearing Make-up

Today I wanted to talk to you about why I stopped wearing make-up.

I used to wear makeup to make me feel good - I thought. But what it was really doing was making me feel not so good about how I looked without it. So I stopped.


So a couple of months ago I stopped wearing makeup and I stopped wearing makeup because I was looking at my un-made-up face and seeing it as something that I needed to fix about myself.

I thought I looked tired, so I needed to cover up dark circles underneath my eyes. I didn't think "I need more sleep", I just thought "I need to stop looking tired, I need to find a way, cosmetically, to fix that". I stopped wearing makeup because for about thirty years I've been battling with redness in my cheeks and I don't know why, aged 13 or 14, made me think that was a problem that needed to be solved, but there were remedies out there and I used them. Green creams to try and combat the redness, thicker coverage foundations, all of that kind of thing.

As it happens the best thing that I could have done to stop that was to stop wearing makeup.

I stopped wearing makeup because I wasn't comfortable with how my face looked without it and I didn't want people to see it. I had to wear makeup for work because "what would people think of me if I wasn't?" And, as I've talked to women, over the years, at the studio, I've kept hearing the same thing over and over from people "I don't like my face", and I thought "that...that's me, that's how I feel about my face".

So, I've stopped wearing makeup to make myself get used to how my face looks, and some days I look tired, and some days my cheeks are red. These things do not have an impact on my day. It doesn't make any difference to my life at all.

So, I'm not anti- makeup and I'll happily have a makeover- I don't think anybody should give up makeup. I like wearing makeup but I'm anti how makeup was making me feel about myself.

​I stopped wearing makeup not because I believe that I look better or I look perfect without it, but because 

I believe that I don't and I wanted to make myself okay with that.

Much love, 



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