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Anna’s Own Boudoir Portrait Session

I did it! After prevaricating for over a year, I finally had my own session.  Mostly, I would say, down to saying I would on our Facebook page, as that got everyone asking “have you done it, yet?”, so I knew I had to. I was definitely wishing I had done it last year – I am convinced that when I turned 40 last September everything dropped by about an inch.  A chat with a client this week talking about ‘mummy tummy’ had me confessing that I had attained the look without having children to blame it on.

I had partly gotten over my nerves by reminding myself that all of the posing, lighting and general ‘stuff that will make me look great’ was down to Robin – I just had to get the lingerie together. I had mostly already done that, and did a last minute Ann Summers order to get my final pieces.
Cue much hilarity when our fabulous Ann Summers ambassador arrived with the very cute, burlesquey, ruffled knickers I had ordered, which came in a two-pack with another emblazoned with the words “Lick my Lips”.
“I can’t wear those” I shrieked in horror (and indeed I didn’t).

Alas, the basque I had ordered was too small (I was a bit optimistic there with a size 14, and there was no way my chest was fitting into it). If anyone wants a size 14 Ann Summers ‘Cora’ basque with matching knickers, let me know!

Now, since I am intrinsically quite lazy, I didn’t mind coming to work with no make up on – saves time! My hair looked normal ‘not done’ which probably says a lot for my styling, albeit it was a bit on the fluffy side  for having no product in it.

It was only fair that I have a before shot taken, so here it is:

Luckily, fab stylist Holly was on hand to work her magic on my hair and makeup – I will confess, I didn’t think she could make much difference to my hair – I was wrong!
I don’t usually wear a lot of make up, but decided to go for quite a strong smokey eye look, and a slightly dark, red lipstick. I also decided not to wear my glasses (even though I am as blind as a bat without them) as, after all, I wouldn’t wear them in a ‘boudoir’.
Holly did an awesome job, the transformation was surprising – even looking in the mirror I had a “it kind of looks like me but considerably better” feeling – I was starting to feel more confident!

I had planned what to wear, and what would go together – my first outfit being a corset that I was given last year (it didn’t fit when I was planning my session back then, but I’ve lost a few pounds since getting Bailey – our labradoodle – and I’m glad it fitted) – the is probably my favourite outfit. Wow, that corset was doing some work, cinching in my waist.

spotty corset 2

Corset number 2 (also given to me – thank you very much for that xx) was a bit more girly…I was concerned not very ‘me’, but I was seduced again by the look a corset gives (with thanks to Ann Summers for accessories).

red corset 1
I was starting to feel quite considerably braver by this point, so ditched the corset in favour of a ‘Curvy Kate’ lingerie set I got from Figleaves last year (when first planning my session).
curvy kate 1

One of the things we joke about is having a ‘terrified to topless’ club amongst our clients – we should get t-shirts made to give out to ladies brimming with their new-found confidence as they leave!
I decided to join the club, totally inspired by another client who had worn some very cute ‘burlesque’ style knickers, and I though ‘I want that photo’.
burlesque knickers 1

Did I enjoy it more than I thought I would? Yes! The images are amazing (just like our clients, I didn’t see my images until Robin had created my own, beautiful slideshow for me).  He’s a magician. His skill at lighting and posing (ladies – he is very precise, the poses will feel completely alien, and you may feel like you’ve had a work out after a boudoir portrait session) meant that I needn’t have worried at all about my flabby bits, my bits I don;t like (my nose, my tummy) or anything else, because Robin has definitely got this down to a fine art and beyond.

So, now I have the boudoir bug and am already planning my next session (I am thinking steampunk, as I didn’t wear my totally fabulous Vegas boots and, really, they’re not going to be worn any other time).


Why buy off the peg, when you can have couture?

Annoying isn’t it, when you’re shopping and things don’t fit just right? The skirt is too short, because you’re just that bit taller than ‘average’.  Too big on the waist, too low at the neckline, too long in the sleeve (I mean, who do they design these things for? Gorillas?).

If only you could just go couture and have things perfectly tailored, to you. Who wants to put up with clothes that are designed for the’average’? You’re not average!

Adele - New Looks_0044
Well, we feel the same about our portrait sessions. Why just turn up somewhere to have a pre-designed session, with the same images people like ‘on average’, when you could be having a portrait session tailored totally to what you want?

That’s what we’re offering you. You’re not average, so let’s meet, chat and plan your session – let’s find out how big that space above your bed where you want your wall frame is (because your wall art is made to measure).

Let’s talk about what parts of your body you want to highlight, and what parts you don’t want to think about (and let’s change your mind on some of those). Let’s look at the different background options, and pick out the ones you like best. And let’s plan your outfits to go with the whole look you want to achieve from your portrait session.

Let’s do boudoir couture!

Sounds expensive, right? Well, how about if couture was the same price as off the peg?  There’s no cost involved for you in coming along to us before your session and really planning what we’re going to do – we want to collaborate and produce your perfect images.
So, whether you already have a session booked with us, or are thinking of booking, let’s talk! Let’s meet up, have a coffee and make sure your portrait session is all about you, falling love…with you.
Call on 01993-883645 to arrange your couture consultation today!

Much love,
Anna & Robin

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