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Ashley Graham in Sports Illustrated

Whilst I might have issues with a size 14 being referred to as 'plus sized' (actually, I can't see why the term plus sized is needed at all, come to think of it), for Ashley Graham to be featuring in Sports Illustrated annual swimwear edition is fabulous! I love what swimsuitsforall are doing with their campaign EXCEPT that I worry that promoting a whole 'curvy girls era' is off putting for people who aren't curvy.  It would be nice to think that swimsuits, like everything else, are for everyone, and that there's no need to promote one body shape or size over another.
However, truth be told, the modelling world is saturated with a certain look, so any break from the norm can only be a good thing, surely?

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What’s it really like to have a boudoir portrait session? Jenna’s story

Jenna's story

"I don't like looking in the mirror at all. I don't feel I have any best features"
When we were looking for models in 2014 for a confidence boosting session, well, nobody needed the boost like Jenna! Jenna told us that as a single mum to 4 boys, she would like to feel special for once.

Jenna already had the outfits she needed, bought from Ann Summers - she just needed the confidence to wear them...for a portrait session.
"I was very nervous on the way, but was also excited and looking forward to being pampered by having my hair and makeup done".

She had particular areas of her body she was none too keen on - "I have stretch marks so was worried about them and also a vein on my leg ". Our job was to ensure she had images of herself that she would love.

Robin set about creating a series of portraits to win Jenna over and make sure she could see how beautiful she is.

Following her portrait session, we asked her how she was feeling about herself now that it was all over? "The session has definitely made me think more about my appearance, and I now try a lot more with make up. My pics are gorgeous and I definitely felt beautiful ".

The best part of the whole experience for Jenna? Feeling special!
 "I loved that I had some pampering and lots of attention on me. I met some lovely people that day too "

I’m pretty sure Madonna’s done more shocking things…

than pose topless for an interview.
She’s had a career spanning 40 years, and sold over 300 million records, globally. Along the way she has reinvented herself time and again, and shocked along the way.
But posing topless for Interview magazine is just NOT that shocking, surely?

The only thing MAKING this shocking is her age – accompanying every article. If I didn’t know Madonna’s age (and, to be fair, I didn’t, it’s not something I contemplate) then I do now.
I don’t need to though. I can look at the images, judge for myself whether I like them or not. Decide whether I am interested in Madonna enough to read the interview, all without thinking about whether or not she’s hit the menopause.

It’s actually pretty rare to see a woman over 50 pose in a provocative way and for me, it’s not shocking – it’s encouraging!

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What’s it really like to have a boudoir portrait session? Annie’s story

Annie's story

"I still look at my photos with a smile and say, that's me!"
Some of us are definitely more confident in front of the camera than others. And then there's Annie....who, until recently, hated being papped with a passion. "I didn't even have a photographer at my wedding," she admits. "I'll avoid cameras as much as possible."

When she won a boudoir portrait session with Smart Photography, Annie realised what a great opportunity it could be. Not only would she finally have some beautiful photos for her husband, but she might just feel better about herself, too. All she had to do was face her fear...

"I'd thought about having a boudoir portrait session before, but I didn't have the confidence," Annie explains. She worried that she wouldn't look good in front of the camera. "I'm a large lady; I like my shoulders, but that's all!"

She went through a range of emotions before the session. "I was nervous, maybe with a hint of excitement," she says. "And I was frightened of the unknown."

To put her mind at rest, she set about planning a gorgeous boudoir wardrobe, including a floaty babydoll negligee with hold-up stockings. Annie was particularly keen to flatter her legs, so paired her red basque with a pretty net skirt. Then, for the pièce de résistance, she brought along her fireman husband's tunic and helmet. "That was for my fun shot," she adds.

It was finally time to face the cameras, and with some coaxing from Robin and Holly, photo-phobic Annie found herself enjoying the experience. Robin, Smart Boudoir's photographer, was instrumental in helping her to relax. "He's amazing, respectful and professional. He puts you into poses that suit your body. I had fun!"

Normally, Annie dreaded viewing photos of herself, but her Smart Photography portraits were something else. "They make me view myself in a different way," she says. "I was very lucky to win my was such a liberating experience." And does she feel more body confident? "Definitely!"

Why we can’t answer your most asked question

How much will it cost?

I know what you're thinking – simple question. The problem is, the answer is not simple. We don't know how much it will cost you, because you don't know yet what you're going to want from your portrait session.

You might think it would be great to have just one, really gorgeous photo of yourself. But is that because you don't quite believe that you will see 35 images that you really, really want?
You might think that you want your images on USB – until you see a beautifully put together montage of your images, perfect to hang above your bed.
Looking at a price-list won't help. It's just some words and numbers. It doesn't tell you how you're going to feel, when you see your portraits.

Your portrait session is going to leave you feeling amazing. It's not just the fabulous makeover from your stylist. It's the rush from doing something outside of your comfort zone, and loving it. When you talk to us beforehand, and we tell you how much you're going to enjoy it – remember that, because you won't believe us at the time. But we know you're going to leave us feeling a million dollars.

We're going to sit with you, and talk about the style of images you like – show you samples and share ideas. We're going to work hard to create images styled exactly how you like them. You're not going to have had a similar experience. Our job, the reason we do all of this, is to make sure that we fulfil our promise – to make you fall in love...with you.

Imagine coming back to view your portraits, and loving not 1 or 2, but 20 or 30 images. Then what will you want to take away? A portfolio box? A slideshow, with all of them? Or a single statement piece for your wall?

What we can do, is talk it through with you before you book, show you the products and help you decide.
So, we're really sorry that when you ask “how much will it cost?”we can't answer. It's up to you. But the priceless boost to your confidence? That's on us.

much love
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