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Has the love of your life got two wheels?

Then we're delighted to say, you're welcome to bring your beloved along for your portrait session, as our new Witney studio has plenty of space to photograph the two of you together!

Before we moved to Witney, you had to be feeling pretty brave, since you would have been photographed outdoors, visit us now and you'll be able to enjoy a little more privacy.

boudoir biker

Want to be among the first to bring their most prized possession to their portrait session? 

Tell us about you and your bike in the form below for more info about a complimentary 'boudoir biker' portrait session, plus 20% off anything on our pricelist.
(Your images do not have to be used for marketing, that's entirely up to you).
I'll then give you a call to chat it all through with you.

Much love,

(Please note that, as with all of our portrait sessions, we will ask for a fully refundable booking deposit of £50 to secure your time with us. This is refunded when you return to view your portraits, or can be deducted from your order)

So you think you’re not photogenic?

Here's something I come across time and again - women being convinced they're unphotogenic.

It's a topic I've visited before, more than once. But it's also a pretty big topic, so I'm coming back to it again.

I just need to to make a point to you. If you know people who always, always look fabulous in photos, then, I'll grant you, it's fair to say they may well be photogenic. This doesn't mean that everyone else, who doesn't automatically look great in every picture, is unphotogenic.

Other people looking fabulous in photos all the time does not mean you never can

Why would it?

If someone else is a concert pianist, it doesn't mean you're tone deaf.

If someone else is an awesome chef, it doesn't mean you're incapable of boiling an egg.

If someone else can do something seemingly effortlessly, it doesn't mean you can't do it at all.

Looking good in photos is a skill

And skills can be learned.

But, I hear you say, I have no photos of me that I like. None at all. I hate them all. I delete them. I never have my photo taken. I avoid the camera. I take the photos so that I can't be in them.
I'll break the camera.
I'm ugly.
I'm too fat.
I always pull a weird face.
I always have too many chins.

All things that have been said to me, over and over. 
Guess what? I don't have Vogue on hold whilst I'm typing this, begging me to appear on their front cover.
L' Oreal aren't after me to star in their latest advert.
I get it!

Not looking good in photos is not the same as being unphotogenic

If you want to get comfortable in front of a camera, then you need to get in front of a camera. 

Often, we don't like photos of ourselves because we're shocked by how we look. Now, either we're all completely deluded about how we look, or the camera isn't giving us a true reflection of ourselves.

It's most likely to be the latter - being uncomfortable in front of a camera is going to show. Your discomfort will be magnified, as will small gestures we make (like going tense, and raising our shoulders, or recoiling from the camera, giving ourselves extra chins).

There are lots of things you may be doing that result in a 'bad' photo - but if you get yourself aware of them, you can control them - the very first step towards getting better photos.
Much love,


Our recent Instagram models

Thank you to all of our fabulous ladies who have come along to be Instagram models so far. 

Not to be greedy, but we need more!

Instagram is such a fabulous way to give a behind the scenes glimpse into what happens when you come along for a portrait session, and is really valuable in helping other women get the confidence to come along for their own portrait session.

Want to come along and take part - get your own confidence boost whilst helping other women take the plunge too, Like fabulous Thelma did?

You'll get:

  • Complimentary portrait session, including a fabulous makeover (usually £99), at our Witney studio
  • 20% off anything on our price list, as a big thank you from us

You need to be:

  • Over 18 years of age

if you think you simply are not model material - we definitely think you are, so please don't think there are size/age restrictions on coming along to star on Instagram for us!

To see what we mean, take a look at our behind the scenes day images on our IG page - would you like to feature there?

We have selected Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays throughout June/July that we need more models for. If you'd like to take part, please fill in the form below and I'll be in touch - all we will ask you for us a fully refundable booking deposit of £40.

Much love,


What a difference a bra makes

I haven't talked lingerie in a while, so here's a post about bras, and why it's important to wear a good one.

I don't just mean for a boudoir shoot either - the right bra will make a difference, whether you're showing it off or not.

Also, in my newer bra, I look magically thinner!

For a boudoir portrait session, though, a good bra is going to to make a massive difference.
Now, my chest seem to turn blancmange-like when I lie down, and frankly, any material is going to struggle. But an old bra is going to do nothing at all to keep all where it should be, and it's natural urge to sneak into my armpits is going to show. A lot.

My newer bra is much better at everything pointing upwards (although I am now going to shop until I find one that is perfect. Possibly made of steel?) but it is stopping  the 'side seepage' so evident with the old bra, and helping my breasts to keep their shape much better.

And this is why, when you ask what to wear for your boudoir portrait session, the very first thing I will talk about is finding a good bra to wear.

Much love,

Help us create some anonymous boudoir images?

We're looking for women of any age, size, shape to work with us to create a showcase for our 'anonymous boudoir' range of images.

If something where no one even knows it's you is your thing, get in touch! We have spaces available at our Witney studio throughout June 2017, specifically:

Thursday 8th June
Saturday 10th June
Sunday 11th June
Thursday 15th June
Saturday 17th June
Sunday 18th June

These enticing images range from tame to tantalising.

They can be a real chance to explore your wild side, or an opportunity to create timelessly subtle and beautiful silhouettes.

We'll work with you to create a series images that leave people guessing.

Your anonymous boudoir portrait session includes:

  • Champagne on arrival for your session
  • Hair and make up by one of our pro stylists
  • Your fully directed portrait session - you don't need to know how to pose, that's our job!
  • Your private image viewing - This is your 'wow' moment. Bring your partner! Bring your mum! Bring a friend! And get ready to be wowed by you!
  • 20% off anything on our pricelist, if you choose to purchase from your session (there is no obligation to do so).

As with all of our boudoir portrait sessions, we will ask for a fully refundable booking deposit of £40 and you must be over 18 to take part.

To take part, simply fill in the form below, and I'll call you with all the info.
Much love,